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Your Employer May be Responsible

If you have been seriously injured while at work, then you may now lack the physical ability or capacity to continue to perform the same duties and responsibilities or even work the same job at all. A work-related accident and injury to this degree can seriously impact your future…and even your financial stability.

What do you do in such a case? You need a St. Louis Worker Compensation Lawyer in order to help you fight back and to help get your life back on track. The Law Offices of Joe Phillips will provide you with the legal representation that you need to be fairly and fully compensated.

The Big Corporation

After a work-related incident, many people find it difficult to financially manage their household because they are no longer able to work. Many don’t know where to turn for legal help since battling a company is not a welcome decision and can be quite intimidating. The good news is that you don’t have to do this on your own. You can solicit the help of a St Louis worker compensation lawyer.

With many years of experience as workers’ comp attorneys, the Law Offices of Joe Phillips take pride in knowing how to prepare for this type of case. We will do everything possible to get you the maximum settlement amount to which you are entitled to move on and move forward with your life and recovery.

Common Causes of Work-Related Accidents

There are different things that contribute to employees having accidents while on the job or at work. Some of the most common accidents include:

Solutions for Work Related Injuries

Work Related Injury

Regardless of how a work-related accident or injury was caused, each and every case should always be taken seriously and handled with care. If you were injured or involved in an accident at work, then you have options…and there are solutions.

In a number of states, a work-related injury means that the injured employee can go about seeking compensation from the workers’ compensation insurance provided by the employer. Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance and coverage for employees.

If the employer does have workers’ comp coverage, then a St Louis workers compensation attorney can prove negligence under certain circumstances. An attorney will be able to determine the best course of action for you.

Contact a St Louis Workers Compensation Attorney

You don’t want to be railroaded by an employer because you don’t know your rights when it comes to your work-related injuries. So what do you do? Consult the help of a St Louis workers compensation attorney right away.

At the Law Offices of Joe Phillips, we want to be the solution to your problems. We will provide the legal guidance you need to be fairly compensated. Contact us immediately to discuss your situation in more detail!

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Joe Phillips

About Attorney Patrick Joseph Phillips

Joe Phillips is the owner of Law Offices of Joe Phillips, where his goal is to level the playing field for individuals and families whose lives have been devastated by catastrophic injury or wrongful death, and who are facing the challenge of the legal system to obtain justice from those responsible. His years of experience in handling and trying complex cases involving medical and engineering issues allow him to accomplish his goals.


  • I give Mr. Phillips my highest recommendation. I was in a car accident I was not at fault for and had 2 years of treatment including 2 neck surgeries. Mr. Phillips stayed in close contact the entirety of my case and did not only provided me with the legal advice I needed but was compassionate, and handled my case with honesty and integrity. I would rehire him again and refer my closest family or friend to him. He made the best possible outcome out of a very challenging and hard time for me.

    Elizabeth J.

  • Mr. Phillips represented my wife in a worker comp case where her neck was injured. We initially tried to fight the workers comp insurance group on our own and was given inconsistent answers and incorrect diagnosis of her injury. The doctors became apathetic and eventually released her stating a muscular injury. At that point we consulted with Joe and followed his directions. We later learned she had 2 injured cervical disks and required surgery. Joe walked us through the process and explained the challenges we had to face. We especially appreciated his in depth knowledge and care he gave us through the entire case. Joe's experience let us know what we needed to expect, and how our case would materialize. Needless to say close to trial date the insurance company made a fair and just settlement. We can never thank Joe enough for doing what he did for Tammy. His care and interest in our situation was invaluable. Thanks again!!

    Don W.

  • Joe Phillips is not your typical lawyer. He really cares about the people he represents. With over 30 years of experience as a trial attorney, Joe has realized his true calling in life is to help those folks that are fighting for their life in an arena that is baffling to the average person. Facing the legal system with Joe Phillips at your side is sure to be your best defense. He has help several of my associates and friends. They all sing his praises!