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Slip & Falls Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

You are shopping in a store. You went out to dinner at a restaurant—or maybe you visited a local park. But then what happened next? You had an accident where you slipped and fell. Now what? Because you were injured in a public place you may be entitled to damages. To learn more about a possible settlement, consider working with a slip and fall attorney in St. Louis.

For many years, the Law Offices of Joe Phillips has been proud to serve the local community with personal injury services related to slip and fall accidents. We work decisively to get the most positive outcomes for our clients – and as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Preparing a Slip & Fall Personal Injury Case

Your St. Louis slip and fall attorney will have to prove that you are less than half responsible for the injuries you sustained after an accident. How is this done? In any slip and fall accident or personal injury case, we must be able to provide evidence for the following:

  • You suffered the slip and fall injury while on the premises.

  • Your injuries were a direct result of the accident. Some injuries are very apparent. Injuries such as fractured bones would likely only need evidence from a doctor’s medical report.

  • The owner of the public place—such as the store or restaurant—was obligated to the claimant with a duty of care.

  • The landlord did not meet this duty of care. Your St. Louis slip and fall attorney must show that the landlord did not take the appropriate safety measures. However, this will depend on the circumstances involved during the fall.

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What is the Duty of Care?

Man falling next to caution wet floor signWhen a business opens its doors to the public, the landlord or owner has a responsibility to make sure that the premises are safe. This duty of care may seem outlandish for commercial property owners, but it is not restrictive as the landlord must give advanced notice in order to be completely liable to the public.

The owner is only obligated to take reasonable preventative measures according to the law, which includes providing sufficient warnings and providing protection against hazardous areas.

Aggressive Representation

You can rely on responsive service, aggressive representation, and strong legal direction from an experienced St. Louis slip and fall attorney. You will need these skills to seek the damages you are entitled to and need to move forward with your life after your injuries.

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Once your slip and fall attorney St. Louis can provide proof that the injury resulted from the negligence of the landlord or owner, then you would have a good case to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.