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Drowsy Driving Is a Deadly Problem

By Joe Phillips,

What do thousands of potatoes and a horde of honey bees have to do with car accidents? Over the past couple months, drivers – specifically, truck drivers – who fell asleep at the wheel caused accidents that spilled both of these items onto the road, creating a serious hazard for other motorists. These cases may  … Read more

The Most Pervasive Problems Following a Car Accident

By Joe Phillips,

Unfortunately, car accidents are a daily occurrence. If you find yourself seriously injured after a car accident, then you’ll soon realize that your misfortune does not end with reporting the accident to the police. Many people do not understand the complexity of moving forward with a car accident claim, either with their insurance company or  … Read more

5 Bad Driving Habits That Can End in a Car Accident

By Joe Phillips,

Driving can be fun, but many times it’s something of a chore. While it’s necessary for us to get from point A to point B, there are a lot of other things we could be doing during a commute or in between our errands. In fact, many motorists try to combine other activities with driving  … Read more